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Fall 2018 Goalkeeper Training Schedule


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This season we are going to work on three Technical/Tactical blocks which will be divided in five-week sessions for a total of 15 weeks.

Each week is going to include three different priorities: 1 technical, 1 tactical and 1 footwork.


First Block

Week 1

-Standing Ball Catching

-Movement and positioning inside the small box waiting for the shot

-Goal kicks

Week 2

-Diving technique and ground balls blocking

-Movement and positioning towards lateral shots

-Volley kick service

Week 3

-Dynamic catching

-Verticality under goal post (movement forward and backwards)

-Ball clearance with the feet

Week 4

-Collapse diving for mid-air balls

-Angles towards long shots

-Support and field switching

Week 5

-Reaction speed to bouncing shots

-Positioning correction towards a pass back

-Pass overcoming the first line of pressure


Second Block

Week 1

-Standing ball catching and blocking

-Agility workout

-Coordination workout

Week 2

-Transitions under goal post

-Collapse diving and catching technique (keep polishing the technique)

-Hand distribution

Week 3

-Dynamic catching with opposition

-Collapse diving and second balls

-Reaction speed to airballs over the head

Week 4

-50/50 balls

-Verticality under goal post

-Long ball distribution

Week 5


-Workout for bouncing shots

-Ball clearance


Third Block

Week 1

-Dynamic catching with opposition

-Lateral movement and second ball

-Set piece plays

Week 2

-Diving with clearance


-Clearing with the foot with purpose

Week 3

-Diving technique and quick standing up

-Reaction to short distance shots

-Long distribution with the hand

Week 4

-Combination of diving and blocking

-Vertical movement with shots

-Field switching with the feet

Week 5

-Air ball catching

-Super combinations (air ball, 50/50 balls, cutting angles and shot)

-Long and short feet distribution


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