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Overview - One World Soccer Select Program

The One World Soccer Select program is for players aged 10 to 18 years old (U11 to U18) who are fully committed to soccer and seek a competitive environment for soccer where they can be part of a challenging curriculum and league play.  Currently, since our program has been built from the ground up with players developed in our Pre-Academy and Academy programs, our oldest team in Fall 2016 is U15 for Boys and U15 for Girls. However, our program can work for any team at any level from Division II (introductory select level) to Super 2 (next highest level), to Division I (highest level for U11 and U12), to the Classic League and Premier League.  Players in our Select program practice three times per week including 1 training with FCBEscola Austin(with optional training opportunities depending on commitment and demonstrated progress) in a group of similarly skilled players along with some team specific training.

The coaching curriculum, designed and overseen by Daniel Benito-Alcalá, is conducted by highly skilled One World Soccer coaches.  The training sessions are demanding and more advanced than our typical Academy sessions while still adhering to the principles of the Spanish Style Soccer taught throughout our club.  Players at this level are expected to enjoy being presented with complex and difficult challenges on the field and strive to overcome them. There is still major emphasis on intricate ball skill, strong technical acumen, and understanding of game situations, but with a strong emphasis on advanced team tactical concepts of passing and possession.  These concepts are modeled on what you have seen in the Spanish National Team.

One World Soccer's Select teams all currently compete in Division I and State Classic League leagues from U11 to U15 and have a strong reputation in the Austin area. One World Soccer expects to quickly challenge/qualify for Classic League play we expect that the number of teams we have in this league to grow each year as our current Academy teams and players reach select play.  In addition, we expect to have teams in the Premier League and/or other top level select leagues very soon.  

Our Select teams regularly attend tournaments in the surrounding area and in Texas cities like Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. Depending on the level of play, further travel can be expected.


Select Player Development

One World Soccer strives to continuously improve on an already unmatched player development program. Our Select players/teams are challenged regularly to perform at a higher level than their competition while maintaining the discipline, skill, and intelligence it takes to master the One World Soccer style of play modeled by the Spanish National Team.

Season over season in the One World Soccer Select program, you will not only see a noticeable difference in your child's play, you will see a notable difference in the style of play of his/her team versus the competition.  Our teams work tirelessly to keep the ball and work the ball up the field using intricate passing and movement along with situational game intelligence.  Our coaches take the time and care to ensure that EVERY child in our program understands our expectations and has enough individual attention to develop along with the team.  This helps to create a balanced team that does not rely on one or two individuals for success.


Fee Structure

The Spring 2018 Select fee includes training 2 days/week for the entire season. 

Select - ALL LEVELS: $500/yr or $550 via installment




How to Get Started in the Program?

So, you are ready to join the best Select Program in Texas?  Great!

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How can my child join?

***REGISTRATION FOR SPRING 2018 IS NOW OPEN!!! Check out our Registration Information page and sign up for our Select Program today!***



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