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Pre-Academy Program (U5-U8)

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What is Unique about our Pre-Academy program?


  • One World Soccer exclusively uses a professional coaching methodology for its Pre-Academy program in a strategic alliance with Barça Academy Austin.

  • Our Pre-Academy program is a recreational program for U5 to U8 players and is unique in the greater Central Texas region!


Our Pre-Academy program is designed to more effectively develop your children in the game of soccer to prepare them for Academy and Select leagues as they advance in the game. Most importantly, your child will be coached in an environment that encourages passion for the game and individual enjoyment while teaching soccer specific technical skills at an unmatched pace!


How does it work?

With your registration fee to One World Soccer, you receive as part of that registration fee, the benefit of club sponsored pool training two days per week from highly skilled coaches at Round Rock Multipurpose Complex and Circuit of the Americas. These coaches will train your child in the Spanish style developed and proven by F C Barcelona. Every week your child will acquire more skills necessary to be successful as he/she seeks to move towards the Academy and Select leagues. Then, on Saturdays, your child will play games to where the new skills that they have developed can be implemented.


Training Schedule and Season 

The Fall season for One World Soccer/Barça Academy Austin runs from Monday, August 13 2018 until Wednesday, December 18 2018.  Training sessions will take place Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:30pm until 7pm at Round Rock Multipurpose Complex Field 9 (north) and Circuit  of the Americas (south).

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The first two weeks of training sessions will be the Pre-Academy observation period.


Will my child be on a team?

Yes! Your child will be placed on a team upon registering with One World Soccer and will play with that team on Saturdays (mostly) or on Sundays. The difference is that his/her training during the week will be with a pool of players instead of being team specific. We do this in order to more efficiently develop all of the players in this age group. We feel that proper instruction at this age group is essential to developing children into top players as they get older (U11 and up). Our pool training sessions ensure that ALL of our players are in an environment where they can develop essential technical and tactical skills!


Who will we play on the weekend?

Your child will play games against teams in their own age group. In addition, One World Soccer actively seeks interest from other area clubs to bring in teams for friendly matches on occasional weekends. The teams we seek for these friendly matches will challenge your children technically and further assist One World Soccer in determining the effectiveness and efficiency of our weekday development programs. All games will be officiated by a certified USSF Referee. As long as you are willing, One World Soccer seeks to always provide additional opportunities for your child to practice the skills he/she learns during the week!



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