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2018 Spring Goalkeeper Training




A One World Soccer goalkeeper is not just the player who can catch the ball with his hands. A goalkeeper is the first attacker and the last defender in a soccer team.


goalkeeper is both a field player and a leader on the field. They should be able to understand the game, participate in every action of the game, and interact with the team by informing them what is happening in the field in a way that they can become a pair of extra eyes for each player in the team.


In One World Soccer, we want to develop goalkeepers who are able to be field players so they can utilize the feet in building the play from the back or be an option for restarting the play.


A successful goalkeeper shows leadership on the field, helps the team communicate and learns to master all the basic goalkeeper techniques in order for him/her to have the ability to make saves with a high percentage of success whenever needed.


"The best goalkeeper is not the one who saves more goals.  The best keeper is the one who is able to lead his team to avoid scoring opportunities from the attacking team."



Under Coach Javier Martinez´s leadership, the 2018 Spring Season Goalkeeper Training Programs are designed for all goalkeepers, ages 8-16, with three different levels:



- ACADEMY:  Analytical and practical technical work of the basic goalkeeper technique, and introduction to technical – tactical situations.


- 9v9 SELECT: Analytical and practical technical work of advanced goalkeeper technique and work of technical-tactical situations.


11v11 SELECT: Analytical and practical technical work of advanced goalkeeper technique, work on advance technical -tactical situations and physical-technical work.



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