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Overview - One World Soccer Academy Program

The One World Soccer Academy program is for players aged 8 to 10 years old (U8 to U10) who are looking for a more competitive environment for soccer.  Players in the Academy program practice twice per week (with optional training opportunities depending on commitment and demonstrated progress) in a group of similarly skilled players.  

The coaching curriculum, designed and overseen by Daniel Benito, is conducted by highly skilled One World Soccer coaches.  The training sessions are more demanding and advanced than our typical Pre-Academy sessions while still adhering to the principles of the Spanish Style Soccer taught throughout our club.  There is still major emphasis on intricate ball skill, strong technical acumen, and understanding game situations, but with the introduction of team tactical concepts of passing and possession seen in the Spanish National Team's style of play.

One World Soccer has a strong Academy presence in the Austin area with around 100 players and 13 teams competing in area leagues. Some of our Academy teams also begin to attend tournaments in the surrounding area and in Texas cities like Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio.


Academy Player Development

One World Soccer has proven itself to be without equal when it comes to player development.  This is especially true at the younger ages (our Pre-Academy) and in our Academy programs.  How do we know? Our Academy players/teams regularly perform at a higher level than their competition as evidenced by our results while many times playing above the team's true age level.

In one full season of play in the One World Soccer Academy program, you will see a noticeable difference in your child's play.  Your child will display not only skill development, but confidence and passion while he or she plays the game.  Furthermore, due to the unique nature of our training programs, you will see your child's teammates display similar progress thus raising the entire team's level of play.


Academy Fees

The cost of the program is $895 per year ($945 by payment plan).  This includes the Fall and Spring Season (Half price for new players in Spring).  Why are the fees this rate?  Our fees include the cost of training you get twice per week throughout the season (this includes between 24-34 training sessions per season or 48 - 64 training session per year).  In addition, players who show commitment and improvement will regularly get invited to additional training opportunities to challenge them to continue to develop their ability and skill at no additional cost. The cost also covers all league fees.  At this level, you will also be required to purchase the One World Soccer Academy uniform kit.  

Keep in mind, if this is a difficult cost for your family, we have many different options that may be able to help you. Contact us for the details.


How can I learn more?

So, you are ready to join the best Academy development program in Texas?  Great!

Visit our main menu for training schedule, off season camps and Player Opportunity Events. 


How can my child join?

***REGISTRATION FOR Spring 2018 IS OPEN CLICK HERE!!! Check out our Registration Information page for additional information***




Contact us for a free session over the Winter, then register here

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